LAPO SORRIDE (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist, fragmented and polyphonic creature. Focusing on sustainable practices they creates immersive environments and portal-like objects made of rags, clay, dirt, branches and wax, scents as well as printed digital landscapes and granular surfaces, implemented with sound manipulation. Lapo is a digital surfer interested in the potentiality of easter eggs, rabbit-holes and community building within the realm of the dark web.
As Kinked composes leftfield music and curate mix series for Radio Sygma and Is also known as the tenco-grime lyricist Dori Sorride
KINKED is a leftield-ritualist of vocal gestures and granular realities. 

"a dialogue of squeaks, beeps and synth rises which feels positively dialogic." 
 (The Quietus)

vocal gestures searching for a phonetics of mutations (Artetetra)

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