NOCTURNAL DRIFTclay, twine, chains, fur, digital prints on polyester 100x120cm, photo editing


Nocturnal entities reveal their presences in rare peninsulas of land along the Po River. Shattered stars spit out faint synthetic textures that weave into nuanced narratives and granular gestures. Drift-bodies decipher their forms bringing light star-calling chant: 

another day flooded
I am here with no defense
Witnessing helicoidal practices
of forgiveness,
my Oblique Id-entities
like spotlights call out to you
this song speaks the truth

entity without horizon,
I no longer have sky
i'm an opaque being
entity without horizon,
I do not want the sky
but a translucent skin

artworks, photos and verses by Lapo Sorride intro text and music by Giulia Rae

Those installations where made for the creation of the artwork of the new album of Giulia Rae available here: